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*sniff sniff*

Yes, I've decided to go with a new bath and body works scent, since my usual has been discontinued...as many of scents go....

So I used to smell like this:

Which is a nice citrusy tangy smell...but now I've decided to go a little sweeter with their Blushing Cherry:

And if you're feeling generous and want to contribute to the "Sweet Smelling Victoria Fund" you're more than welcome to hit up my wish list:
My Amazon.com Wish List

Many thanks, kisses and anything else you might want!

Sexy voices turn me on

Ever just hear a voice and it just turns you on soooo damn much that you can't even see straight?

That's how I felt tonight when I got a call from, um...let's call him Judd. (until I get permission to use his real name)

I didn't get to talk to him much, because he unfortunately misplaced his credit card. But I'm hoping upon hope that he finds it and calls me again soon so we can have a "real" conversation.

Here's keeping my fingers crossed!

(and my toes!)

So tonight I sucked....


It's been awhile since I'd taken a call...so when I found myself with a caller tonight I was just bursting with excitement.

Unfortunately, all the excitement made me nervous and I forgot how to, well...you know.

It was bad. Really bad.

I talked about myself, my failed modeling career, the evils of bad people, and my various psychosis...

When I was given the chance to turn up the sex and get the blood flow rushing, I dropped the ball like the Steve Martin's kid in Parenthood. (luckily Kevin Buckman does end up catching a pop up at the end)

Good, that gives me hope. As long as I keep practicing and don't quit I can get myself back up to A game and go back to audibly arousing my precious callers.

Ménage á trois - Oui Oui!

Excuse my french....

But I did have a great threesome experience with Erica. last night. Since my words won't do it justice, I'll provide you all with a link to Erica's blog entry abou it here.

You can find Erica at 888-590-9687 ext 721

She's a girl that I've been really attracted to since I started working. We bonded over the fact that we're both blog-a-holics. She's always been really nice and encouraging, and if being a total hottie isn't enough..she's smart too. I love the way she writes. After reading a few of her entries I find myself all nicely hot and bothered.

It's so much fun making new friends.

Part-Time Lover

So yeah this whole adultry thing...

That ain't a Chicago hot dog

Yep, a turn on. I think it's the whole thrill of getting caught. Like back in the day when you had to sneak around in order to fool around with your high school boyfriend/girlfriend.

Morally, yes...it's wrong, there were vows, yadda yadda. But in this day and age, when more than half of all marriages fail, I really don't see the point in investing so much into marriage.

I think the quote from St Elmo's Fire goes, "Marriage is obsolete." It's a lot longer, and I think dinosaurs are involved...but I'm too tired right now to remember.


Today I had some good fun hosting a chat room on AOL.

Look, I've provided you with a link to download if you don't have it already

I called it Victoria's Secret Place, and I ended up meeting some lovely (horny) people from all over. My fellow hottie phone vixen KinkyKadence joined me in entertaining the masses.

Give her a call at 888-590-9687 ext 740

(And I'm at ext 732...just in case you were wondering ;) )

I think I might make this a regular thing, so if you have AOL and you want to come chat with me you can do so by searching the members started chats, and look for VictoriasSecretPlace.

If you don't have AOL there's always the LongIslandPhoneSex Chat here or just IM me on AIM or Yahoo.

Can you tell I like to talk to you all? I'm hooked, what can I say?


I can give you what you want

What I'm Currently Shaking my Booty to

Come on, you've got to love these lyrics:

I can give you what you want
I can make your heart beat, short
I can make you ice cream
We could be a sweet team
Melting in your vice dream sport

I can be the sauce you crave
I can spell what you can't say
Chocolate-flavored love theme
Treat that treats you so mean
Covering your nights and days

Let me give you what you'd like
I can make your mouth run dry
Drink me like a liquor
Come on and dip your dipper
Show me what you're here for, guy

I can give you what you want
I can make your back real taut
Fantastic playroom fancy
Sick like Sid and Nancy
Wicked as a joyride jaunt

(What you want)
I can give you what you want
(What you want)
I can give you what you want you want
I can give you what you want
(What you want, you want)
What you, what you want now


Well, it happened!

Us Girls, we are so magical

I just saw this video this morning and hot damn, did I get excited. It basically reminded me why I started hooking up with girls in the first place. How soft their lips are, how tender their touch is and how they just know exactly what to do.

Man, now I have to go take a cold shower or something. Any girls wanna join me? ;)